Project Development

Residences that are HEAD & SHOULDERS above the rest.
What began as Udaipur's first Planned Township has started taking shape. Welcome to a world custom made for aristocratic obsessions. Little wonder considering that it offers the very best of facilities & amenities mixed with charms of Udaipur's historic and tourist identity, there is something for everyone here. Enough of wide, open spaces and many more... all off-course planned on principles of new urbanism so that life, enjoyment and play are hand in hand with each other. Life here is embedded with luxury in every way. Wake up to the natural feel of environment friendly wooden flooring in your bedroom. Large windows in your living room slide open to reveal your private balcony. Just beyond, glorious mountain and garden views lie before you. The specially designed cross-ventilation allows for a relaxed and soothing environment. Truly every inch of your home has been designed for higher living.